Taha Healthy Soils

Taha Healthy Soils provides professional, customised & comprehensive fertiliser programs that are designed specifically to each farms soil needs. Our fertiliser programs are backed up with independent scientific research, and farm specific data.

We take all on-farm aspects into consideration:
Farm and soil conditions
Farm type
Stocking rate
Farm production
Fertiliser budget
Farmer’s goals & objectives (short & long term, including lifestyle)
Consultation to achieve maximum results within budgetary constraints

The “Taha Healthy Soils System” works by:

    Improving soil condition

The Taha Healthy Soils process begins with a comprehensive soil test. By looking at the nutrient balance and ratios of both the micro and macro nutrients and with an understanding of the ways these minerals interact with one another, we can provide a balanced solid and liquid fertiliser programme, which uses minerals efficiently, stimulates activity of soil microbes and reduces losses into the environment. As biological activity and soil chemistry improve, the physical state of the soil also improves, with better aeration, structure, drainage and water holding capacity.

    Maximising plant health

By providing balanced plant nutrition and by activating soil microbes, plants have access to nutrients which are in the correct form for uptake. Microbes which are pathogens of insect pests or plant diseases are better able to survive in an environment where harm caused by intensive farming practice is minimised.

    Increasing Stock Health and Performance

By producing healthy, nutrient dense plants, we aid both animal health and performance.
The end result is a more efficient, cost effective and sustainable farming system, producing healthier crops and livestock, with benefits to the environment.

Taha Healthy Soils – Terms of Trade